nerohacks is a community where you can find educational and instructive articles about the world of smartphones and mobile devices.

Founded by Bradley Shaw (a former Apple engineer) the management team of the nerohacks community has grown over time and has grown into a staff of 4 other electronics and software engineers.

Throughout your nerohacks experience, you will find very recent, fresh mobile phone and smartphone guides, tutorials, application usage tips & tricks, tweaks, hacks and much more!

We Develop & Create Digital Future.

nerohacks deals with software and hardware problems on your smart devices. Nerohacks team, which mostly produces content on 3rd party applications, aims to produce quality and solution-oriented content by closely following all mobile devices and applications used around the world.

As of 2023, there are more than 20+ active engineers and software experts who develop content in the nerohacks team. The people in the content team consist of people who work or have worked in companies that produce different software and mobile device solutions.

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meet nerohacks core members

Meet the community managers behind nerohacks.
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Chang Qing

Co-Founder & Researcher

Daniel Harris

Head of Content

Zhong Cheng

Researcher & Engineer